When I was 14 years old, I was coming to the end of living in a residential treatment program.  My living options were slim to none.  The Piper family took me in and provided me stability along with a great example of how families function, how to be a good citizen.   I would have a much rougher time, and likely have found myself homeless, had it not been for their kindness.  

Nearly a year later, I would ultimately end up back with my Mother and Stepfather and would continue on to live a full life.   More than 25 years later I would find myself facing the darkest moment of my life.  Again, the Pipers were there to help me step back from the edge.  When the opportunity to help them came we wanted to do whatever we could to thank them for their grace.

The family has helped countless others, both in their personal and professional capacities over the years.   They have touched the lives of individuals who went on to touch the lives of others.   So much good sprung from them and we are asking for people join me in thanking them.   They are facing serious challenges, which they are fighting with grace, and it's clear they would benefit from some help.

With that in mind, we have put up some significant pieces from our art collection which will be raffled via a partnership with a 501(c)3. There will be 1,000 tickets, the expected price per ticket is $200.  100% of all revenue will go to the Pipers.  Details to follow. 




Mixed Media on Canvas
150cm x 100cm


Retail value - $10,000

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Sacred Dance of Memories

4 Color Lithograph

82cm x 68cm

x of 99


Retail value - $8,000 - $10,000

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Brian Adam Douglas

Jackalope and Other Fables of the Reconstruction

Cut Paper on Birch Panel
24in x 30in


Retail value - $25,000

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Invasion Kit #15

Ceramic Tile
9.4in x 10.2in


Retail value - $10,000

*Item glows in the dark,  lower image is the piece in the dark

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Kudowa II

Acrylic on Linen
160cm x 160cm


Retail value - $10,000


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Ice Queen

Woodblock print, hand painting, on found object
36in x 36in


Retail value - $8,000


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Juan Travieso


Acrylic on panel
36in x 36in


Retail value - $10,000


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Michael Reeder 

Observed Observer
12" x 12"


1-45 of edition of 45
winners get 1 out of 45 (45 total winners)


Retail value - $300


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