Providing opportunity and funding.

For Urban Contemporary / Post Graffiti art to move forward patrons must contribute to projects and inject monies into efforts where purpose over profit is the primary goal.  Kondoit provides a grant to a deserving artist and helps produce projects that are focused on bringing art directly to people.  To submit artists or projects for consideration email

The Kondoit grant


Each year Kondoit provides a grant to one deserving artist.

The grant is for public mural projects, books, or other highly consumable work.



352 Walls


One of our founders was a board member for the 352 walls project which brought urban contemporary / street art into the downtown core of Gainesville, Florida.  



The Underbelly Project documentary 

We have provided funds, and strategic resources to The Underbelly Project documentary. The film will have a theatrical release in 2020, telling the story of the last great illegal art project, that took place in an abandoned subway station deep under New York City. 



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