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The opportunity to invest our skills and resources into art projects is a great gift.  Below are some of the projects we have been privileged enough to be involved with.


From June through September 2017 we exhibited a large part of our collection at The Thomas Center Galleries in Gainesville, Florida.  The mission was to expose urban contemporary art to a broad audience.  Exposing everyone from they very young, to the very old, the urban and the rural viewer to urban contemporary art, and educate them on the history, and the techniques related to it.  We also had the privilege of screening the film Saving Banksy for our guests. 

For more information and pictures visit the link below

http://www.historicthomascenter.org/uncontainable-urban-art-from-vandalism-to-movement-exhibition/ghlighted their unique styles. 

Art|History - Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project

Miami Marine Stadium is an internationally recognized icon of modernist architecture.   At every stage, from construction, its primary use, its abandonment, its unintended use, the stadium has been mythic.   In order to bolster the effort to restore this architectural treasure to its intended use, we brought together 24 artists to paint murals across the graffiti-covered stadium.   We wanted to build a bridge between its past and its future, and to ensure that future included the artistic history and the art itself as it lives again as a public event space.   

Here are a couple of videos about the project

PBS Newshour

Kondoit Video

Iron Mike Productions Mural Project

Kondoit was given the opportunity to curate the artwork in the Iron Mike Productions training facility.  Nearly 800 square feet of artwork that would be used to drive the boxing team towards championships and provide a visually engaging backdrop for use during its TV projects.  We brought on two amazing artists in Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks who together produced a stunning example of their work in a collaboration that highlighted their unique styles.  

Click here to see additional images from the installation

Art Basel 2011


In conjunction with Art Whino, Kondoit produced three exhibitions unified in one space. The focus was to present New Brow’s distinct subcultures to the Art Basel world. The custom vinyl exhibit showcased the premier artists in this genre.  With a series of large scale murals, we brought street art indoors and accompanied each colossal public mural with smaller works by each artist. We also teamed up with Hope Gallery to present Quick & Painful.  This exhibit featured the work of more than 15 important artists and designers with backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, and illustration in a unique exhibition where Fine Art becomes tattooed skin. 

Enjoy a look at the post video


Reinier Gamboa


Kondoit produced a pop-up art event in the famed Wynwood Arts District in Miami.

A complete takeover of the space included vinyl window images, manufacturing of additional walls, the addition of event lighting, brand integration with Russian Standard Vodka and production of merchandise. 

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