Both Bob and Diane have been there at exactly the right moment to change people's lives.  In Buddhism, they may be called Bodhisattva's.   All I know is that exactly when I needed them, they were there, and their impact changed the direction of my life, more than once.  Their actions have always been selfless, seeking to heal vs recieve reward.  Here is testimony from others whose lives they have changed. 

A quote from Rory Facinelli to Bob Piper

Bob, you know how much my entire family and myself love and appreciate you. You saved my life. 5/5/5 is a day I will never forget. And the day God put you in my life to guide me to change my life around. I thank God everyday for you! Because of you I have 15 years sober today! And because of you my family was able to get their daughter and sister back. Because of you my kids today will never have to experience a mom who is not present for them or who may not be around one day because of drugs and alcohol. I love you BOB, you are most definitely a savior, a saint, and one of the most incredible people I have been honored to Grace my life. You will always be family! As my parents have said before, “we need a statue of Bob in our front yard to honor him”. You deserve a statue of pure Gold, you are an amazing person and I am beyond grateful for who you are to me and the role you have played in my life.

A story shared by Mark Thompson 

Bob made a change in Mark's life Sept 7th, 1997. Mark was 2 years clean and the ink wasn't yet dry on his bachelors degree.  

As the time Mark was installing HVAC systems, Bob called and had to make a decision about bringing on a new therepaist at First Step, a facility Mark had graduated from years earlier and did some follow up as a member of staff. 


Bob he had to make a decision that day.   Bob had a huge stack or resumes in one pile, and a second pile Bob had a single resume, Marks resume.   Bob said he felt he would miss out if he didn’t at least talk to Mark before making a choice. 

Bob and Mark talked for 3 hours, Bob asked him to go home, clean up, change and come back.  He came back and worked for First Step for 7 years.   Bob was a mentor, guided mark and pushed him, drove Mark to get his masters, then Bob motivated him to get his license.   The ever present and passionate coach.  The lessons Bob taught him are lessons he still uses.   Now hes about to celebrate 25 years sober, and still in the addiction field.   Mark feels he owe his career to Bob and is eternally grateful.


Dianne Law

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